Aged Beauty, Part II

If you are a long-time reader, you may remember this post from 2010.

Before last week, I had no idea where the photo in that post was taken.
 I just assumed that it was in Paris or some other old European city.

So imagine my surprise last week, when I was walking through
 the historic squares of Savannah, Georgia, and looked up and saw...

these windows.  

Savannah is a fantastic and fun city and I had a wonderful time there, 
but it made my trip when I discovered that these breath-taking windows
were actually right in my own backyard: the American South.

Photos are mine.
(And iPhone, at that!)
Monterey Square, Savannah, Georgia


Notes From ABroad said...

Isn't that fantastic ?! To be walking along and see something you knew and thought was so far away .. magical :)
Savannah is so lovely ..


That is kinda of amazing:)

Woodside Park said...

Old world charm!!! Beautiful! Glad to see you on Instagram, Donna!! xo

Windlost said...

OMG I missed those!! Gorgeous...!! Can't wait to see more of your trip (I hope).

xo Terri

Unknown said...

Amazing windows!! Beautiful pictures! I have never been to Savannah. It looks you had a good time there. I'm waiting for more of your trip!

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Monica said...

Just pinned it and hope to visit this view one day...I can manage/afford this trip from Texas.

Ana de la Serna said...

Beautiful. They look from Cadiz, Spain.

Nicki said...