mirrored screens

hello world. it's me.
the mirror junkie.
I can't really be serious about bringing another mirror into my home, can I?
these mirrored screens make me wanna say, "just one more."


gray antique chest in the powder room

Isn't this a beautiful old gray chest turned powder room vanity?
I think that's calcutta gold marble over top.
A little deliciousness for your Monday.
A Tammy Conner design in Atlanta Homes magazine.

nate berkus and bamboo blinds

Nate Berkus Design
Architectural Digest
I'm a good little design girl. I do what Nate Berkus tells me to.
Check out those square windows. See how he elongated them by adding woven blinds under the panels...
Looks great, doesn't it?
I'm taking a page from his book.
My guest room needs blinds like that.

I've already added them in my own bedroom.
Huge difference.
I wonder what Nate will tell me to do next...
Have a great weekend!

abstract art and an antique

image from My Notting Hill
I hadn't even opened my new Southern Living when I spotted this image from the recent magazine on Michelle's blog My Notting Hill.
I flipped for that great piece of abstract art by Charlottesville, Virginia artist Kiki Slaughter. Paired with the antique console, the art really shines.
 I just had to see a few more pieces from Kiki's site:
rain dance
Yummy, huh? Any one of these would look terrific over an antique piece.

gray cabinets: mine and sally wheat's

well looky there.
I got those antique bronze sconces up, too.
I bet I never even mentioned it.
The paint color on the new cabinetry surrounding the vintage french chest
 in my master bath is the same color Sally Wheat used in her now-famous kitchen, below.
Benjamin Moore
Fieldstone (1558)
Sally Wheat's kitchen
cote de texas
If you are interested in Fieldstone, it's a very warm green/gray. I love it in my bathroom. I would recommend it if you're looking for a warm greige tone - and I might even consider it for my own kitchen cabinetry...

scenic wallpaper

have a great weekend!

gray kitchen

gray with a side of french...

turquoise chest

original source unknown
I'm crazy about this turquoise chest in the otherwise neutral space.
(mirror's not so bad, either.)

gray and camel


nate berkus

via myleshenryblog

 lauren gold

nate berkus

katie joel's living room by nate berkus
one of my favorite color combos

I dreamed of John Saladino

Over the weekend, I dreamed of John Saladino.
I dreamed that I attended his lecture about ancient Italian architecture and about how he re-imagines those same classic design principles in his modern-day construction and decor.

I dreamed that John Saladino had, despite his monumental stature in the design world, an easy nature and disarming wit. 

I dreamed that pearls of wisdom rolled from John Saladino - things like:

dining room in Saladino's villa

"Your dining room is your theatre."
Saladino's bedroom in his villa
"Layering makes a room more complex and interesting."

powder room in Saladino's villa

"When we are young, we are taught how to read, but not taught how to see."

from Saladino's furnishings line 

 "Use plain fabrics and simple shapes and your rooms will never betray you."  

It was an awesome dream to say the least.
But just then -  my alarm clock rang.
I rubbed my eyes and smiled at the remnants of my dream.

But when I walked into my living room....there was a copy of John Saladino's Villa.

Signed by the man himself.

Was it....?

Could it have been...?


signing MY copy of Villa

how a library should be

book-filled and not overly decorated.
have a great weekend!



Do you like/use all white dinnerware?
I've recently picked a few sets over at houzz.
It seems everywhere I go, I see white dinnerware and I am so drawn to it.
I think it makes a gorgeous table.
What do you think?

john saladino - he's close by...

John Saladino is coming to my area for a lecture and book signing...
The way he layers art and mirrors over textiles drives me wild.
I need to go, don't I?